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Would You Like Some Propaganda With Your Popcorn?

I work hard, very hard. Occasionally I treat myself to a movie, it’s a chance to relax and get away from it all.  None of us like the annoying commercials … Continue reading

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Water as a Human Right

When it comes to global water resources, Canada is a powerhouse. Canada holds the third largest reserves of renewable freshwater, as much as 20% of the world’s supply. And we … Continue reading

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2010 – The UN’s International Year of Biodiversity

It was supposed to be a celebration. This was the year when governments had agreed to substantially reduce the rate of biodiversity loss, a goal 192 world-leaders signed onto in … Continue reading

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Phytoplankton Vanishing from Warming Oceans- World’s Oxygen Supply Threatened

The scientific headlines scream looming disaster as the ocean’s phytoplankton steadily populations drop.  The public yawns, who cares if phytoplankton, the microscopic plants that live in the ocean, are disappearing? … Continue reading

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Ethical Consumerism

It matters what we buy. Ethical consumerism is not just about buying the best products on the market, but considering where the products we buy come from, under which circumstances … Continue reading

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The Business of Exploitation: the dangers of self-regulation and CSR

Never underestimate the power of the purse and the malleability of our politicians. Every week it seems that headlines expose new allegations of misconduct involving politicians, lobbyists and their business … Continue reading

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The Beauty and Value of Human Diversity

One of the beauties of the human species is our diverse and creative ways of living in the world and with each other. It seems odd that we need to … Continue reading

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The Global Food Crisis

It is a paradox of proportions that there are more than one billion overweight individuals in the world and almost the same number of undernourished people. We currently produce enough … Continue reading

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Don’t Expect the Dinosaurs to Save Us from Extinction

Leadership today If you were the leader of the world, would you allow poverty, war, hunger, pollution and environmental deterioration? The answer is obvious to any decent person: No! Then … Continue reading

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Whose Universities Are They?

In practical terms, the value and success of our universities should be measured by relevance to the lives of the people and communities meant to be served. This is not … Continue reading

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