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Insights from Michael Bloomfield, Founder and Executive Director of the Harmony Foundation

Announcing Our New Blog Series

We believe that the open, respectful exchange of ideas is essential to a healthy, well functioning society. That’s why we have decided to more actively share ours with you and to ask for your feedback on important current events and trends in environment and development, public participation, leadership and civil society in Canada, China and around the world.

Harmony has been actively involved in sustainable community development in China for nearly 5 years. We hope that observations in our CHINA BLOG on the current scene and the relationship between Canada and China will interest and inform you. For the past 25 years Harmony Foundation has been a leader in practical education for the environment offering a close-up view of public, government and business successes and failures.

In our HARMONY BLOG we will examine trends in corporate social responsibility, public behaviour, education, international cooperation and Canada as well as keep you informed of important events and programs.

Finally, the BLOOM BLOG will give Michael Bloomfield the opportunity to inform, inspire and rant and rave about a wide range of topics from leadership to philanthropy to teaching global citizenship to animal rights to the business of war.

For over 30 years Michael has worked in Canada and internationally on wide variety of activities involving education, environment and human development. Under his leadership Harmony Foundation has been widely recognized for its pioneering work in practical education for the environment and in building bridges between business, government and community interests. He also is actively involved in charitable work as a volunteer for such causes as youth at risk, homelessness and animal protection and serves as advisor to numerous organizations on trends in sustainable development, ethical decision making, education and charitable activities.
Of course, the ideas in the BLOOM BLOG are his alone, he has earned that privilege.


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